The Lalan Group is diversified into many fields and areas of business.
Company name Sectors Involved In
Lalan Rubber Holdings (Pvt) Ltd Investment and Holding Company
Lalan Rubbers (Pvt) Ltd   Glove Manufacturing, Centrifuged Latex Manufacturing, Crepe/RSS Rubber manufacturing, Rubber Bands, Rubber Plantations, Tea Plantations, Coconut Plantations
Central Rubbers (Pvt) Ltd Glove Manufacturing
Mapa Lalan (Pvt) Ltd Glove Manufacturing
Lalan Eco Latex (Pvt) Ltd   Latex Mattress & Pillow Manufacturing
LR International Trading (Pvt) Ltd Export Trading House Operations
Anglo Ceylon Tea Estates (Pvt) Ltd Tea Plantations, Coffee Plantations, Stevia Plantations, Timber/Fuelwood Plantations
Suriyakanda Plantations (Pvt) Ltd Tea Plantations, Cardamom Plantations, Timber/Fuelwood Plantations, Coffee Plantations, Stevia Plantations
Gammaduwa Plantations (Pvt) Ltd Tea Plantations, Cardamom Plantations, Citronella Plantations, Timber/Fuelwood Plantations,
Lalan Eco Fields (Pvt) Ltd   Leisure Operations, Carbon Trading Investments
Lanka Serenities (Pvt) Ltd Export of Tea in Value Added Form including flavoured tea
Lalan Printing & Packaging (Pvt) Ltd BOPP Adhesive Tapes, PP Strapping, Printed and Unprinted Poly bags, Offset Printing and Converters of Computer Forms
Lalan Plastics (Pvt) Ltd Polythene Manufacture & Printing
Lalan CM (Pvt) Ltd Manufacture of Plastic Bottels, Contract Manufacture of Detergents and Cleaning Liquids
Lalan Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Engineering Services and Agents for Thermax Boilers/Heaters
Lalan Marketing Services Importers and Distributors of Packaging Machinery and Consumables
MOS Lanka Manfacturing (Pvt) Ltd Manufacture of Mosquito Coils
LN PolySacks (Pvt) Ltd Manufacture of Poly Sack Bags
Lalan Energy Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Fuelwood, Biomass Chips and Briquettes
LSI Green Energy (Pvt) Ltd Bio Mass Operations – Bio Mass Pellets, Wood Powder, Rice Husks/Pellets
Lalan Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd Import Trading of Fabric and Indenting of Fabric to Garment Manufacturers
MainMan Supplies Ltd, United Kingdom Marketing of PPE Range of Products
Gloveman Supplies Ltd United Kingdom Marketing of Medical Gloves and allied Products
Davern Work ware, Industrial Ware and PPE Products