Lalan is constantly expanding its global reach through the export of its internationally certified products. These products include Gloves, Mattresses, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Rubber bands, Teas and Spices to name a few. The Group markets its products under its own brands Gloveman®, Warrior®, MainMan®, Glovetech®, Touch®, Serenity Tea® as well as OEM products to leading supermarkets which are shipped to a range of countries across virtually every continent, including UK, USA, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India, Germany, Canada, Russia, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Ukraine, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

Lalan has expanded its operations by setting up associate companies in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand to market their products and to be closer to end-users.

Similarly, joint venture/long term supply arrangements have been established in key supplier countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Australia to source products that are not manufactured locally, in order to meet varied customer demands.

Lalan is looking for new partners to further expand its international reach with new global distribution points for all its products. To assist you in affirming the quality of Lalan's products, please feel free to request for samples.