Lalan SISU DIRIYA Project recognizes and rewards the academic achievements of students at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination. The project grants an allowance of Rs 3000/= to 10 students with the best results from each school until they sit for the Advance level exam. The Project covers seven schools in the District. The progress of these students are also regularly monitored.

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Lalan Blood Donation Campaign
A mass blood donation camp was held recently in collaboration with the Maharagama Cancer Hospital with the active participation of all factories in the Biyagama Zone. A total of 116 pints of blood was collected by the Cancer Society.

The Lalan staff spontaneously responded to the national call for blood by engaging in this meritorious cause.

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Lalan CSR at BOI
As a CSR initiative Lalan displayed awareness sign boards at the BOI Ladies Hostel Kantha Sevna to conserve water and electricity.

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Renovation of Horagasmankada Village Well
The Lalan Rubber factory at Warakapola has fulfilled
an urgent need of the local community by renovating the Horagasmankada Village well.

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Seethawaka Hospital Clinic Rehabilitation
With nearly 400 employees working at our factory in Seethawaka, Lalan has a special affiliation with the area and its inhabitants. Owing to its central location, the hospital clinic in the region receives over 1000 patients daily from Ratnapura, Kegalle and the surrounding areas.

However, the clinic had not been properly maintained since the time of its building, and was in decrepit condition. The Lalan team took it upon itself to rehabilitate the clinic for the benefit of its patients, amongst them Lalan's own employees. The rehabilitation involved renovation of the hospital clinic, cleaning, colour washing, tile cutting and setting, reparation of a portion of the ceiling, etc. As a result of the endeavour, patients now enjoy an attractive and sanitary environment upon visiting. Lalan intends to continue to maintain the clinic for the benefit of all patients.
Annual Blood Donation Drive
For the past four consecutive years, the team at Lalan Rubbers, Seethawaka, has rallied together to offer new hope to the patients of the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama. In 2007, an annual blood donation drive was organised amongst employees and, ever since, the team has donated over 50 pints of blood to patients in need each year.
Delivering Improved Vision
A clearer view of the world brightens lives and empowers individuals. In November 2011, with the objective of giving the gift of better sight, Lalan partnered with the Lions Club to organise an eye testing and spectacle donation drive at a temple in Peradeniya. Following testing, reading glasses were distributed to those with weak eyesight, and eye operations organised for 11 people in need.
Medical Camp at Bulathsinhala
For the second consecutive time, Lalan organised a Medical Camp to benefit its employees and the community in Bulathsinhala, where Lalan operates a factory. The Camp offered free medical services, including blood sugar testing, eye checks, blood pressure testing and cancer detection.
Preserving the "Dhakshina Dhoratuwa"
The sacred Sri Maha Bodhiya in Anuradhapura is a tree renowned in Sri Lankan history and literature. Reputed to be the oldest historically documented tree on earth, it is a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims. Lalan sponsors one of the golden gates surrounding the tree - the "Dhakshina Dhoratuwa" - in an effort to preserve this sacred relic and the significance it holds for worshippers all over the island.
Supporting Rubber Smallholders
Given the climate of the region, the nature of its population and the available land area, Moneragala has been identified by the Sri Lankan authorities as an area suitable for rubber production. Hence the communities of the area have been encouraged to produce rubber. Lalan supports smallholders in this initiative by assuring purchase of their produce, even when it means a loss to the company. We also contribute funds to the Wellassa Rubber Nursery, which distributes nearly 300,000 plants among smallholders each year.

By offering a ready market for produce, transparent pricing determined by rubber auctions, expertise and financial support, Lalan ensures fair treatment while enhancing incomes and uplifting the lives of the Moneragala community.