Empowerment through employment
The key success factor of Lalan is her employees that the company value most. Empowered, motivated and dedicated employees of Lalan's strive to uplift the neighboring communities . Lalan has provided employment to over 7500 people as persons, and created indirect employment as partners of progress in the surrounding areas. As a result, incomes and standards of living in and around Lalan plantations and factories have improved comparatively.

At Lalan, taking care of our employees is a top priority. Residential workers are given houses on the estates to live with their families totally free of charge. The villagers around the estate are greatly benefitted by the internal road development and preschool projects. New houses are built through housing projects, and maintained by Lalan through latrines maintenance and re-roofing projects. Meanwhile we provide safe drinking water to the community.

To protect employees, the estate management provides all the safety equipment workers need and training on their use. Free medical facilities are provided to estate workers and their families through the dispensaries maintained by the estate and factory management . All the estate workers have access to the resident medical practitioner, day or night throughout the year. With the aging population the need for frequent medical camps has become essential and the estateand factory management of Lalan conduct them free of charge at different times throughout the year.
Childcare and women's welfare
Our sturdy employee welfare programme also includes maintaining nursery schools at each of our plantation groups to facilitate the education of our workers' children. Children under 17 years are not allowed to work on the estates, indirectly encouraging their education.

Employment opportunities created by the plantation provide a safe working environment for all employees. Most employees have grouped themselves into Self Managed Teams and the management has empowered them to make their decisions enabling them to increase performances whilst sharing the gains through lucrative incentive schemes.
Providing Scholarships for Employees' Children
Lalan believes in giving the gift of opportunity. For the past four consecutive years, Lalan has offered monetary support to the children of its employees who have got through the Grade 5 scholarship programme, irrespective of whether the employee is a staff member or a factory floor worker. Lalan ensures that these children, who have proved their commitment and capability, are afforded the chance to sustain their educational achievement and build successful futures. The company encourages higher education and has assisted many students who are serving as medical doctors and engineers today.

Scholarships are also provided to our employees' children for university education.
Financial services and assistance
Plantation management introduces the local population to factors of economic development including the banking system, financial services, and credit and investment schemes. The Estate Worker Housing Cooperative Society (EWHCS) serves as a bank, and encourages workers to save money and obtain loans for their requirements.
Community engagement
Lalan has built community centres to engage the community in development structures such as Community Development Committees. We maintain all estate roads to ensure a good transport network for the benefit of the villages as well, who passes through the estates in their routine activities. Estate Managers maintain a harmonious relationship with the employees and neighboring villagers, providing them with the necessary leadership whilst supporting them monetarily and participating in their activities.

By creating a pocket of protection and progress around our estates, Lalan has inspired a loyal and contented workforce and stimulated development of the surrounding community.