Lalan actively manages and plants new forestry with an objective of long term sustainability of its watersheds in each of the plantations as well as controlling soil erosion and last but not least in propagating and expanding one of Lalan's major crops being Cardamom which only can be grown under natural forests. As such Lalan maintains about 1,000 acres of natural forest lands and plans to expand a further 250 acres of forest lands which will permanently be under forest cover and not for harvesting of Timber.

Besides the above activity Lalan consciously plants up permanent forest in its ravines and proximity to waterways in order to protect the moisture levels as well as protect the valuable top soils from eroding.

In addition a program has been launched for the planting specific tree species to act as wind breakers in areas that are susceptible to strong winds with a view to minimizing the damage caused to property and crops due to high velocity winds.