Large-scale Cardamom production for food and cosmetics

Cardamom is one of the spices that made the island of Sri Lanka famous since ancient times. It is known for its medicinal value, and used as an exotic flavoring agent in food. Cardamom extract is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of exclusive perfumes in the cosmetics industry.


The company maintains two plantations - a total of 840 acres - one of the largest extents of Cardamom cultivated in Sri Lanka.


In a production process that involves modern technology, handpicked Cardamom pods are dried using electric dryers by replacing traditional barn drying systems to produce a high quality product.


Using our Outreach Program for Farmers, Lalan intends to source Cardamom from small holders and set up value additions in the form of extraction and Cardamom powder. Bulk grades are mainly offered at the local auctions, whilst Lalan seeks to partner with international buyers.


Primary products and services:


  • Dry Cardamom in three grades (Lanka Light Green 1, Lanka Light Green 2, Bulk)
  • Essential oils