Stevia is a relatively new crop in Sri Lanka with massive global potential as a sugar substitute containing zero calories. As Stevia extract is 300 times sweeter than sugar, stevia plantations would require a fraction of the land area than sugar cane to produce the same quantity of sweetener. Lalan is on course to be the pioneer commercial stevia producer in Sri Lanka.


Lalan's stevia plantations currently extend to about 50 acres, and plans are in place to maximize yields and extents and start producing stevia extract, which has high commercial value locally and internationally.


The main products and services the company offers are:


  • Stevia plantations
  • Stevia leaf powder
  • Stevia planting material and technical know-how in planting and marketing


The company primarily serves the local market, which uses the medicinal value of stevia as a sugar substitute, and the global market, where a health-conscious population would benefit by using the sweetener as a replacement for sugar.


An out-grower program will offer planting material to smallholders who would become future suppliers of stevia leaves and part of the extended Lalan smallholder network. When sufficient volumes are achieved, the value addition process of creating stevia extract, powder, pills and pellets will begin.