Lalan extends its portfolio of energy substitutes by producing biomass products such as:

  • Firewood logs
  • Biomass
  • Wood chips
  • Sawdust briquettes

Our objective is to provide customers with an economical & environmentally sustainable replacement for generating energy. We create synergies with the group companies by supplying biomass to bring down their cost of production. Any excess supply is sold to external customers.

One processing plant is located in the paddy cultivation area where most rice millers contribute paddy husk, providing a steady supply to the plant. The Central Province has a large number of timber processing mills, producing a regular supply of saw dust and chips, which creates environmental problems. By collecting this and using it as raw material for the second processing plant Lalan protects the environment while adding to its portfolio of biomass products.

The manufacturing process is strictly controlled to achieve Lalan's strict quality standards.

Lalan receives a steady supply of fuel wood as their plantation companies grow fuel wood plants such as Gliricidia and Calliandra. The Group plantation company owns over 27,000 acres of land mostly cultivated with rubber. Logs are obtained primarily from rubber trees which are removed for replanting. The company plans to acquire new land in the future, and grow fuel wood for our requirements.