Lalan's centrifuging operations are a crucial link in the supply chain, providing centrifuged latex for the production of gloves and latex mattresses. The two centrifuging plants located in the central rubber growing areas of the country work around the clock and have a capacity to centrifuge 100,000 liters of field latex a day.

The production process conforms to international guidelines, represented by the well-documented ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. The plants also conform to stringent effluent treatment requirements. These factors, together with expert management and well-trained, knowledgeable staff, demonstrate Lalan's commitment to the quality standards its customers expect.

Lalan possesses a network of latex suppliers in excess of 1000 in number, spanning the country, including Lalan's own plantations, Regional Plantation Companies (RPCs) and rubber smallholders. The field latex is collected daily, and transported to the centrifuging plants using Lalan's own dedicated fleet of bowsers/vehicles, to be processed into centrifuged latex. Lalan adopts a transparent pricing mechanism in determining the price it pays to its field latex suppliers by linking the purchase price to the auction prices at the Colombo Rubber Auctions. Venturing into hitherto untapped areas identified for our potential as future sources of latex, Lalan is helping farmers in these virgin areas with expertise in planting and harvesting, financial support and a ready market for their rubber produce.

Lalan has a stake in the Wellassa Rubber Company (Pvt) Ltd, which operates a large rubber plant nursery in Monaragala that distributes nearly 300,000 plants among smallholders each year. Monaragala is an area where an extensive rubber growing program has been initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka. The first to establish collection points to aid these smallholders, Lalan collects latex from them at prices determined as described above, even though collection and transport costs are relatively high. This ensures small scale growers are treated fairly, improving their living standards and increasing their incomes amongst the farming community.

Centrifuged latex produced in Lalan's factories is exported to Malaysia, New Zealand, Egypt and Belgium.