Lalan is one of the few companies in Asia providing end-to-end solutions, from planting the rubber, harvesting and processing the latex, to glove manufacturing and distribution. This allows consistent control over quality throughout the value chain and enables the company to fulfill the stringent quality requirements demanded by end users.

The company produces and exports nearly 1 billion disposable examination gloves, 90 million household gloves and 15 million industrial gloves in 6 factories which are all manufactured to FDA, CE and JIS standards.

Lalan's latex gloves are manufactured using centrifuged latex from its own Rubber Plantations. Lalan also manufactures gloves using nitrile and neoprene ensuring that only the best quality gloves are produced at its manufacturing plants.

The production processes adhere to the highest global quality standards. All production plants are ISO 9001:2008. In particular, the medical gloves are ISO 13485 certified. All chemicals used in the production of gloves are REACH certified and meet strict international standards.

By providing consolidated shipments (i.e. a single container having different types of gloves) with comparatively lower minimum order quantities (MOQs), Lalan is geared to provide tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer requests in any international market. Thereby, customers are able to order any quantity, high or low, and Lalan is committed to delivering their requirements.

NeoFlex – A Better Glove

AdvanSafety® is proud to announce the launch of the latest addition to its Seamless gloves range.

  • Unique nitrile sandy finish coating is ideal for any wet and dry weather

  • Special Spandex mixed with Nylon liner for maximum dexterity level and
         secure fit for the hand.

  • PH level of the glove matching human skin PH level, which results in less
         skin irritation occurrences

  • Maximum Abrasion level as per EN standard results in extra durability and
         increased usage hours.

  • Certified to use against level 1 thermal risk as per EC testing standards.

  • Cost effectiveness compared to other products exists in the market.

  • Excellent breathability from both side of the glove, tested with WVT