Lalan is a pioneer in South Asia who holds the advantage of being vertically integrated and produces the total range of disposable, household and industrial glove products. Common ownership of all the elements in the supply chain means greater efficiency and smoother, more flexible operations. Managing plantations in the predominantly rubber growing areas in the island, Lalan is one of Sri Lanka's highest yielding rubber plantation companies.

Conformity to stringent international quality standards for its plantations has been an important factor in the company's success in this field. Lalan was awarded the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)® well-managed forestry certification for its rubber wood, latex and coconut (Reg. No. CU-FM/COC-828688. This key industry recognition enables Lalan to supply FSC® certified latex, Crepe Rubber, RSS and also rubber timber to the furniture industry. Only agro chemicals approved by the national research institutes are used in Lalan rubber plantations.

In addition, a specific area of land within the plantations has been allocated to Organic Rubber. Latex harvested from these areas is used to produce premium organic rubber products.

Central Rubber Nursery ( CRN)

The company's very own Central Rubber Nursery (CRN), is certified by the Rubber Development Department of Sri Lanka which produces rubber plants for its replanting program. Lalan helps to uplift the rubber industry as a whole, lending a hand to smallholders by providing them with rubber plants from the CRN for their planting programs, coupled with a buy back guarantee for their produce.