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Lalan is one of the few tea companies that produce tea of various characteristics from all three elevations in Sri Lanka - High Grown, Mid Grown and Low Grown. Teas may be straight-lined (off a single garden), blended (off multiple gardens and/or elevations) or flavored. A one-stop shop for all tea requirements, from growing and blending to packaging, distribution and marketing, Lalan can provide bulk tea, packeted tea and teabags, made available in a variety of flavors.


Our manufacturing process uses traditional machinery, producing 2 million kilograms of tea which is marketed through the Colombo Tea Auctions. Most of Sri Lanka's major buyers purchase Lalan's selling marks such as Delmar, Aigburth and Silverland (marks are essentially established brands from a particular tea estate).


The majority of green leaves required by Lalan's tea factories are supplied from its own tea gardens. In addition, green leaves are sourced from smallholder plantations near the processing centers, which assure smallholder growers of a ready buyer for their produce.


Our main tea products include:

  • BOP, BOP Fannings and Dust 1, in Rotorvane Manufacture

  • OPA, OP, BOP 1, FBOP, FBOP F, FBOP F1, BOP Fannings, BOP 1A, Pekoe,
            Pekoe 1, BM in low/mid grown leafy manufacture


The company adheres to strict quality standards and has received a number of certifications, including:


  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 9000
  • Ethical Tea Partnership - One of 14 factories in Sri Lanka graded “A”
  • Sri Lanka Tea Board - Ceylon Quality circle - Star rated


Lalan supplies the local consumer market with quality tea under its own brand name 'Iona'.


Lalan has the capacity to supply flavoured tea and specialty teas, and has plans to produce iced tea and instant tea in the future. They also hope to develop a teabag for the health conscious customer, with a zero-calorie herbal sweetener.


With an eye to further expansion, Lalan is seeking new partners in Agriculture and Marketing of value added tea.