Lalan's fully-fledged professional tea export company has 22 years of experience in tea exports. Lalan strives to build strong, long-term bonds with tea importers overseas and provide customers with competitive prices, professional and personalized service and prompt shipment of consistently high quality tea that exceeds their expectations.

The company currently exports Black Tea and Green Tea in bulk packing, teabags, and cartons to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, UK, USA, Canada, Maldives, and Vietnam where it maintains a liaison office. To extend this distribution network, Lalan intends to explore many more international markets in the near future.

Lalan provides both blended and unblended bulk tea, packed in Vanista cases, cartons and Kraft paper bags. Their teabag range includes string and tag teabags, envelope teabags, pot bags and flavored teabags. Meanwhile, the flavored tea range also comes in cartons, and is created with internationally certified food grade flavors.

The company has its own brand - Asian Teas® - under which it markets a range of niche products.

Lalan is open to all export order quantities, and orders may be packaged either under Lalan's own brand or the customers' brand.