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The establishment of Lalan Marketing Services in 1983, entering the packaging industry, saw the first diversification of Lalan Group away from its core rubber trading business. Further exploration and expansion into packaging continued with the creation of Lalan Printing and Packaging, LN Paper Converters, and LN Polysacks. By the late 2000's Lalan consolidated its position as a noteworthy solution provider in Sri Lanka's packaging industry.
Driven by our dynamic and quality-oriented teams, these modern manufacturing facilities employ state-of-the-art automated machinery which assist us to further our active transition into Industry 4.0. We understand the importance of quality and on-time delivery, which enables us to continuously serve better to an array of export orientated organisations, local manufactures, and distributors. Our presence spans across FMCG, Industrial, Logistics, Poultry, Animal Feed, Seafood, Agricultural, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Apparel sectors.
Encouraged by our group values of Excellence in Quality, Spirit in Innovation, and Sustainability in Growth, we deliver peace of mind to all stakeholders.

81 A, Temple Road,
Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte,
Sri Lanka.
[email protected] (+94) 11 434 7700
(+94) 11 461 2106/102

Lalan Printing and Packaging (Pvt) Ltd

Adhesive tapes (BOPP)
The key product since inception in 1994, our range has consistently improved whilst maintaining and adhering to our stringent quality parameters, thereby sustaining the confidence of all users. In-house coating, printing, and slitting facilities, guarantees better quality assurance and flexibility to our customers.
Product : Clear/Tan/Coloured - printed / unprinted
Production capacity : over 2 Million Sq m per month

Strapping Band
Upholding the same consumer confidence, an expansion into PP strapping soon followed. Today, our range of PP strapping dominates the market, thus making LALAN the market leader in Sri Lanka.
Product : PP Strapping - hand / semi-auto / full-auto
Production capacity : over 1,200 MT per annum

Computer Forms (Continuous sheets)
We offer customers a selection between NCR (no carbon required) and IWB (International White Bond) unprinted and printed continuous computer forms. We cater to an array of State Departments, State Utilities, Financial Institutions, Healthcare Institutions, Exporters etc.
Production capacity : over 1,000 MT per annum

As the demand for polythene as a cost-effective substitute grew, the addition of a polythene plant followed. The material is extruded, printed, cut, and sealed in-house to specific customer requirements.
Products : Bags and Roll form
Production capacity : over 350 MT per annum

Lalan Printing and Packaging (Private) Limited.
Lalan Warana Complex,
Gorakadeniya Road,
Sri Lanka.

LN Paper Converters (Pvt) Ltd

Since 2014, we have manufactured Corrugated Cartons and Sheets for Export orientated businesses, FMCG brands, and other local producers. A capacity expansion in 2021, enabled entry into new market segments and other value-added products.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)
Die Cut / Laminated / Telescopic Cartons
Pads / Partitions / Dividers
Sheets and Custom designs
Production capacity : over 10,000 MT per annum

LN Paper Converters (Private) Limited
Lalan Unagahadeniya Complex,
Sri Lanka.

LN Polysacks (Pvt) Ltd

Launched in 2009, with a handful of machines and an output of 150MT per annum, we have grown rapidly year-on-year. 2020, saw a significant investment into capacity expansion and productivity enhancements which catapulted our position in the market. Boasting only top of the line Starlinger® looms, we cater to industry leaders in animal feed, poultry, rice, and logistics, etc. Our teams work consistently on improvements to offer our customers the best products.

Products :
Woven Polypropylene Sacks / Bags / Rolls (printed / unprinted) Non-Woven Sacks / Bags / Rolls (printed / unprinted)
Production capacity : over 1,500 MT per annum

LN Polysacks (Private) Limited
Galwarusawa Road,
Oruwala, Athurugiriya,
Sri Lanka.

Lalan Marketing Services

In keeping with core group values, our research and development teams continuously work with local and global institutions and partners to develop more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging options.

Products :Stretch film and Shrink film
Production capacity : over 350 MT per annum

Lalan Marketing Services
Lalan Warana Complex,
Gorakadeniya Road,
Sri Lanka.

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