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As one of Sri Lanka's highest yielding rubber plantation companies and a pioneer in rubber manufacturing in South Asia, our commitment to the highest standards of quality forms the backbone of our operations

Lalan Rubbers' agri division manages approximately 17,500 acres of plantations comprising rubber, coconut, tea, cinnamon, and forestry. Minor holdings of crops such as cassava, ginger, pineapple, and turmeric are also maintained to conform to the emerging requirements under the National Policy Framework of Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour.

A special point of pride is the recognition of our high standards of agricultural practices, and training and development of our employees - which has been key to attracting and retaining team members by way of providing relatively more stable and higher earnings throughout the years. We have been able to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage by investing in the renewal of the capital assets timely and consistently and undertaking crop diversification.

We have undertaken best management practices in agriculture whilst conforming to social, environmental, and economic considerations that are audited and certified according to the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council™, Germany, through an independent certification body. We have been awarded the FSC™ certificate for ten successive years since 2010.

Our Central Rubber Nursery (CRN), the largest in Sri Lanka, is certified by the Rubber Development Department of Sri Lanka, and supports hundreds of rubber smallholders by providing them with plants for their planting programmes and reinforcing these programmes with buy-back guarantees

Lalan Rubbers (Private) Limited
54, Kirulapone Avenue,
Colombo 06,
Sri Lanka.
[email protected]
(+94) 11 574 4555

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