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At Lalan, quality is a way of life. That's why each step of our operational processes undergoes rigid quality management practices to produce the highest quality latex in Sri Lanka.

As one of the largest rubber manufacturing companies in the Asian region, Lalan offers a comprehensive range of rubber and value added rubber products and it is our privilege to be the preferred partner for the world's largest brands.

Our products range from premium quality organic natural latex mattresses and pillows, high tensile strength, biodegradable rubber bands and tubes to premium industrial gloves and cutting edge seamless dipped gloves. Lalan's seamless network of latex suppliers ensure efficiency and consistency of our centrifuge operations and our superior quality crepe rubber and RSS, are produced to exacting international standards with minimum environmental impact.

We believe in sustainable development and our outgrower programmes, that support rubber smallholders, are an integral part of the development of the rubber industry in Sri Lanka.

Rubber Bands / Tubes

High quality rubber bands and tubes are a part of Lalan's impressive rubber products and rubber manufacturing portfolio. Using the finest quality latex crepe rubber from our plantations, Lalan manufactures over 600 metric tons of rubber bands annually, for export to countries such as Germany, Japan, Jordan and India.

Our high quality range of biodegradable rubber bands are produced in a variety of colours and sizes for the horticulture, agriculture, food and catering industries, and a wide array of industrial and consumer applications across the world. With the highest tensile strength, durability and flexibility, our sturdy rubber bands are food grade certified and conform to stringent international standards.

Lalan also manufactures a specialty range of latex rubber tubes predominantly used in denim garment production. These seamless high quality tubes are manufactured in a variety of sizes and offer advanced durability, strength and flexibility with enhanced temperature resistance and stability.

Lalan Rubbers (Private) Limited
95B, Zone A, Export Processing Zone,
Biyagama, Malwana,
Sri Lanka.
[email protected]
(+94) 431 1200
(+94) 431 1222

Mattresses and Pillows

Under our sustainable living policy, Lalan produces a range of the highest quality latex mattresses and pillows under stringent conformity to international standards and certifications. Using the finest organic natural latex, these mattresses and pillows are ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, buoyancy and support and incorporate natural hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, insect repellent, and fire and water resistant properties. By using only the highest quality of organic natural latex with no harsh chemicals, we ensure that each mattress and pillow that we manufacture is of the highest standards.

Lalan's comprehensive botanical latex mattress and pillow range caters to industrial use, in specialised industries such as hospitality and healthcare, as well as consumer and retail purposes.

Our superior export packaging methodology ensures the maximum protection of our products. With vacuum seal protected packaging to withstand the pressures of shipping and transportation, we ensure that our product quality stays consistent from our factory to your door.

Lalan Eco-Latex (Private) Limited.
Lot 72, Phase III, KEPZ Katunayake,
Sri Lanka.
[email protected]
(+94) 11 225 1960

FSC™ Certified Centrifuged Latex / Organic Latex

Lalan's centrifuging plants, with a capacity of 100,000 liters of field latex a day, are situated in the central rubber heartlands of Sri Lanka and conform to the highest international standards represented by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and adhere to strict waste treatment practices.

Our strength stems from our network of over 1,000 latex suppliers, delivering rubber sourced from single origin estates, to ensure consistency and the highest standards of FSC™ certified quality, and this seamless network of collection and distribution enables us to maintain uninterrupted supply, quality, and efficiency.

Lalan also takes the lead in organic rubber cultivation, with dedicated organic rubber plantations producing premium quality organic latex conforming to the highest international standards.

Our outgrower programme which distributes over 300,000 plants to rubber smallholders each year is in line with our core policies to maintain ethical, sustainable practices in our operations to strengthen rubber smallholders and the rubber industry in Sri Lanka.

Lalan Rubbers (Private) Limited.
54, Kirulapone Avenue,
Colombo 06,
Sri Lanka.
[email protected]
(+94) 11 574 4555

Crepe Rubber / RSS

As one of Sri Lanka's leading rubber manufacturing companies and latex suppliers, Lalan's expertise in crepe rubber manufacture spans over 50 years and we are the undisputed leader in producing the highest quality crepe rubber in the nation.

With increasing demand for Lalan's superior quality, ISO certified latex crepe at the Colombo Rubber Auctions, our factories and processes have been streamlined to incorporate the latest technology and manufacturing methods to produce in excess of 75,000 kg of latex crepe and over 80,000 kg of RSS rubber per month.

Our production facilities have been designed to generate maximum output in production with minimum environmental impact. Our cutting edge effluent treatment plant is the most technologically advanced plant in Sri Lanka and exceeds international standards and specifications.

To further our commitment to green initiatives and eco preservation, Lalan also exports large quantities of scrap rubber for use in a multitude of industrial applications.

Lalan Rubbers (Private) Limited
54, Kirulapone Avenue,
Colombo 06,
Sri Lanka.
[email protected]
(+94) 11 574 4555

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