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The Lalith Hapangama Foundation is the charitable organisation responsible for fulfilling the Hapangama family's philanthropic initiatives, serving as the charitable arm of the Lalan Group. Philanthropy has been integral to the Hapangama family's core values, with generations of the family involved in wide ranging humanitarian efforts in the past. The family's continuous support for those who need it most, predominantly through initiatives based on education, religion, medical assistance, and social empowerment, are amplified through the establishment of the Foundation. The Foundation ensures that the fundamental values of philanthropy, service, and generosity, which are of vital importance to the family, will assist and empower Sri Lankans for generations to come.

The initiatives that the Foundation aims to work towards focus on the overarching themes of Cancer Prevention and Awareness, Education, and Mental Health. Programs carried out in this regard assist and empower beneficiaries from within the Lalan Group, as well as everyday Sri Lankans beyond the scope of the Group.

The Foundation's efforts entail scholarship funds for students across all levels of education, the establishment of vocational training institutes and industry employment opportunities, female SME/self-entrepreneurship programs, mobile cancer screening units and widespread cancer awareness programs, as well as the establishment of mental health facilities comprising counselling services, gender-based violence support units, special needs assistance units, and rehabilitation services to provide greater access to mental health support outside of major cities.

Supply and Conservation of Safe water

Safe water is a basic necessity and is a resource that is increasingly scarce.

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Infrastructure Redevelopment Projects  

Whilst looking after the welfare of the communities on our estates, we also actively contribute to the redevelopment of infrastructure in the surrounding villages;

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Dedicated Health Care Initiatives

An estate medical officer has been engaged to overlook the minor health care needs of the workers, in addition to prescribing drugs for minor ailments.

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Employee Housing Projects

At Iona Estate land has been allocated for construction of individual cottages under an employee empowerment scheme.

Supporting Education

An on-going project is the provision of school books and equipment to primary school students annually.

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